Monday, May 16, 2011

Jerry Burchard Color Photographs

The color photographs by Jerry Burchard of Thailand and elsewhere, mostly time exposures taken at night. And a self-portrait of Jerry in Bangkok.

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ArtTv said...

Julie Mihaly comments:
"is sad to report that legendary San Francisco photographer, Jerry Burchard, died early this morning.
Jerry's humor, spark & talent inspired many of us who studied with him at The San Francisco Art Institute & shared his friendship as well. He will be sorely missed."

ArtTv said...

Donna-Lee Philips comments:
You showed me how to see beauty where I couldn't find any, and remember laughter when I had forgotten how.

I can still see you walking towards us in North Beach after a dinner at Hunan, breathing garlic on us as we went to eat.
Someone would say "See you just ate at Hunan" and you would grin.

I can still see light at night, in movement, because you showed it to us all.
Go in peace, knowing that love will follow you... and that you have left immense love in everyone you touched.

ArtTv said...

Night photographer, instructor,
man of the world -
Jerry Burchard.
1931-2011. RIP.
Like a stream of light in his photographs, he was passing thru......
enjoying life.
...A North Beach kindof guy who loved Southeast Asia.
Shine on.....

Randy Magnus