Thursday, January 20, 2011

Photographer Jerry Burchard

Conversation with Night Photographer Jerry Burchard by Randy Magnus .

San Francisco night photographer Jerry Burchard discusses his work and living in Southeast Asia.

video by Randy Magnus


ArtTv said...

I called yesterday and spoke to Jerry.
He told me that he was being kidnapped as we speak and that he won't be making it to Hawaii.

I told him there was a tropical storm here in Hawaii with lots of rain and thunder, it reminded me of his dancing trees photo during the monsoon.
He said , well, that will be the last photo you'll see of mine.
(Meaning that he isn't going to make any more pictures.)
I said I'll meet up with you in Thailand.
And the conversation ended.

ArtTv said...

Today we lost one of the Greats....
Someone from another time ,another era, another planet...

An Uncle to All...
A mentor to many...
What he taught us we will not forget...
What he gave us we will not lose...but will cherish and keep forever !

Thanks for the joy , the love ,the knowledge ,the art, and the friendship you showered on us all...
Rest in Peace Sweet Uncle Jerry !

We will all miss him greatly,
Bob and Somboon

ArtTv said...

Ah, Jerry.
You were a shining light in the darkness.
You taught me how to love, really love, images and their making.

Your enthusiasm was infectious, your joy contagious.
I have been missing you for years and now I miss you even more.

I suppose we will be comparing our Leicas in another life sometime soon.
Joel Caplin