Sunday, August 13, 2006

Recent News: Archive -ing the 80's

Two rather interesting developments have recently occurred regarding the old Leonard's Artspace days in the Central Valley of California. (This was a driveby art gallery, performance space, and television production house during the 1980's.)

Some of the limited-edition handmade artist-book catalogues for exhibitions held at the Artspace, ie: The Mail-In Container Show, War In 84, and Still Alive in 85; have been in the archives of Franklin's Furnace (a library of limited edition artist books) in New York City for twenty years.
Currently Franklin's Furnace has been more interested in presenting performance art in Brooklyn, or somewhere like that. So they worked out a deal which enables the Museum of Modern Art in New York City to acquire the Franklin's Furnace artists book archives for MOMA's permanant collection. So I guess I'm now buried in the archives of the Museum of Modern Art.

Another thing that made me think of those Leonard's Artspace days is LA independent filmmaker, Lilly Scourtis of Desert Flower Productions. She is working on a documentry about Marian Halloway, who was the singer of 5 Fingers, an audio art band from the 80's. Marian went on to being in bands in San Francisco. I found an interview (about Modesto, California), a few performance clips (from Live In Mendo-Land) and an audio recording to include in the project that featured Marian. So hopefully you will be able to view "Last Fast Ride (The life, love and death of a punk goddess) at a film festival near you.

(I found out through Lilly that Marian had died of a herion overdose in 2001.
May Peace be with her.)

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